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Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar have floated down the Canal du Midi in France, danced in the sunlight of southern Greece, toasted the best of times in Ireland, devoured the culture and countryside of southern Italy, wandered through landscapes lost and found in Costa Rica, and explored the Indonesian island that is known as an earthly Paradise.

In each destination, they eat and drink, laugh and get lost, explore and expound with their merry band of travel writers. And they always return with a varied collection of tales, some mystical, some funny, some terrifying—each told in a different, highly personal voice.

Our Latest Book

Wandering in Greece:
Athens, Islands and Antiquities

Stone, marble, mountain, sea and sky framed by endless blue—these are the elemental foundations of Greece, just as Greece is the elemental foundation of Western Civilization. For thousands of years Greece and its culture, philosophy, politics and spirit has inspired and influenced the lives of generations.
In Wandering in Greece, this talented and inquisitive group of writers has captured some of the joy, warmth, grace and wisdom of Greece and its people. These stories, poems and images will remind a whole new group of travelers that a visit is a must, and those who have already ventured in Greece that they have to return. 
—Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis, ret.
Lt. Governor of California

“Geography is destiny,” it is often said, and so to follow the sinuous paths through Greece is to discover not just mountains, seas, islands, rocks and plains, but the civilization they inevitably gave rise to. Like travelers throughout the centuries, Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar, accompanied by a peripatetic band of writers, return to Greece to discover its ancient truths as well as its modern ones—gods and demi-gods, nature and science, heroes and refugees, the fleeting and the eternal—and perhaps a map revealing pathways through our own precarious times.

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What Writers are Saying

For some of us, the Wanderland anthologies provided a first experience at being published nationally. Others of us have many publications under our belts, but delight in the opportunity Wanderland anthologies provide to publish narrative nonfiction. And we all love the fun and camaraderie of Wanderland Writers workshops.

Laurie“Linda and Joanna are excellent instructors, and participating in Wanderland Writers workshops has definitely improved my writing skills. The anthologies let me publish some of my favorite stories in an appealing format that has more permanence than a magazine, newspaper, or blog.”

Laurie McAndish King, award-winning travel writer and photographer


“I met Joanna and Linda when I signed up to go to Ireland to write about my experiences there. My goal was and is to complete a travel memoir. Our relationship continues as I gain more confidence and realize how much I’ve learned and improved under their tutelage. They have a great formula combining good ideas and information within a relaxed and supportive teaching style. It’s easy to say ‘Yes’ to their wanderings.”

Sandra Bracken, artist