Library Reading: Wandering in Andalusia: The Soul of Southern Spain

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Saturday, August 5th, 2017 || 11am
Novato Public Library || Novato
1720 Novato Blvd, Novato CA 94947

In many ways, Andalusia, situated as it is, at the southern boundary of the Iberian Peninsula, is a crossroads, a caravansary where settlers from northern Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East have left their mark. Our writers went from Córdoba to Málaga, from Granada and its Alhambra to Cadíz to bring back stories of cities, rivers, coasts, plains, food, spirit and passion. All embarked upon new roads of discovery, and all were well rewarded in their investigations. These, after all, are the landscapes that inspired Cervantes, Lorca, Machado, Navarro, Unamuno, Hemingway, Conrad and Menocal.

In the words of poet and rock idol, Jim Morrison, “Andalusia with fields ripe with grain, I want to see you again and again.”

“Wandering in Andalusia’s enchanting collection of travel tales illuminates the region’s history, traditions, and myriad attractions. It’s the perfect companion for your next visit to Spain.”
— Christi Phillips, Author of The Rosetti Letter and The Devlin Diary

“To change ourselves, we must give ourselves away. The glass we hold cannot be filled until it is first emptied. In Andalusia, we yield ourselves to an irresistible and cumulative beauty, just as we do in love. And the life we then can lead, with reborn and unbound hopes, follows a trajectory of dedication and understanding.
— Steven Nightingale, Author of Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God and The Hot Climate of Promises and Grace

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Writers reading will include: Tanya Amochaev, Antoinette Constable, Daphne Beyers, Rita Gardner, Donna Hemmila, Laurie McAndish King, Maryly Snow and Anne Sigmon, as well as Editors Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar.

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Editors Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Joanna Biggar have floated down the Canal du Midi in France, danced in the sunlight of southern Greece, toasted the best of times in Ireland, devoured the culture and countryside of southern Italy, wandered through landscapes lost and found in Costa Rica, and explored the Indonesian island that is known as an earthly Paradise. In each destination, they eat and drink, laugh and get lost, explore and expound with their merry band of travel writers. And they always return with a varied collection of tales, some mystical, some funny, some terrifying—each told in a different, highly personal voice.

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  1. Looking forward to it.
    PS: willyou please indicate how long our readings can be?
    If don’t hear from you, i”ll assume about 4 minutes.
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