Ten Ways to Know When You Are in Japan

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photo: Tania Amochaev

photo: Tania Amochaev

Ten Ways to Know When You Are in Japan

By Tania Amochaev

  • If the beds are hard and cold, and the toilet seats are soft and warm, you are in Japan.

  • If breakfast looks like pickled cocktail party snacks that would go well with sake, you are in Japan.
  • If everyone bows 15° when they approach you, or 30° if you seem important, you are in Japan.
  • If there’s a vending machine every hundred meters with both cold and hot bottled drinks, you are in Japan.
  • If the public restroom has many indented holes and only one recognizable toilet, and the toilet is the only thing with instructions on use posted above it, you are in Japan.
  • If the gardeners trim the lawn with manicure scissors, you are in Japan.
  • If everyone on the escalator hugs the left side, you are in Japan … unless you are in Kyoto where everyone hugs the right side.
  • If the busy shops along the street are full of beige and green small round pasty-looking things, you are in Japan.
  • If there’s a 7-Eleven on every corner but you recognize none of the goods inside, you are in Japan.
  • If toilet lids raise in welcome as you approach, you are definitely still in Japan.


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  1. Grrrr … the header is showing that I wrote the story. NO. Tania wrote the story. I just posted it. I’ve got to find a way to fix that. Any ideas?

  2. I’ve never been to Japan, but now I know the ten reasons to go there (rising toilet seats!) I’m definitely going.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • No, no, no … raising toilet seats, Joanna. Think about it.

  3. Raising, rising, … either way, that’s not the best part about Japanese toilets. Think heated seats, music that plays when you sit down, and an automatic wash cycle.

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