What’s in a Name?

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While revisiting a late Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot, wherein the incomparable sleuth and his companion Dr. Watson are on holiday on the rugged coast of Cornwall (Poldhu Bay, Lizard Peninsula), I made a discovery. The main character of this grisly mystery is one Mortimer Tregennis.Sherlock&WatsonCornwall
Hmm. Sounds mighty close to the word Tregenna, name of the 18th century castle in St. Yves, where our intrepid Wanderlanders will be convening in September. Could there be a connection?

So, I did a bit of sleuthing myself to discover there are many common pre-fixes and place names in Cornwall that take a variety of forms—including the Welsh variation, which in this case would be Treganna.
The word Tregenna is derived from the ancient tre-cenue, which means first or foremost farm or homestead of the downs. Tre, along with Pol and Pen are prefixes describing people from or places within Cornwall.
But that, my dear Watson, is of course elementary.




  1. Interesting, fun and witty!Thanks, Joanna!

  2. Well done, Madame!

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