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FansKyoto3We’re back! After wandering all over Japan, the writers have returned with some amazing stories. I’ve heard bits and pieces and can’t wait to read, edit, help publish and celebrate many of those fantastic tales. You’ll find some of them here on our Wanderland Writers website. For others you’ll need to go to additional publications, but we’ll try to shout out where and when right here on the blog.

What’s always amazing to me are the ways in which our experiences of a place differ and the ways in which they connect. For example, some of us were alone in our passion for pickles, but I don’t think there was a soul among us who didn’t appreciate the magic of Henjosonin and our temple stay in Koyasan. Still, even in that unity, the reasoning was unique. Some loved the place because of the Otsutome (Buddhist ceremonies); some for the spectacular Shojin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine); some for the beauty and profound spirituality of Okunoin, a celebrated cemetery and sacred area filled with towering centuries-old cedars, over 200,000 gravestones and the great buddhist monk Kobo Daishi Kukai’s mausoleum. Others were enamored most by the Asahi beer and sake vending machines in one of the corridors of our shukubo, or temple lodging, and visited these with frequency.

What astounds me, always, is the manner in which we can see something and not see it, be there and not be there, not be there and still be there. There are no real boundaries, and what we really discover on our wanderings is that travel is a state of mind—or more profoundly, a dimension of being that transcends space and time.

Our next Wanderland Adventure will take us to Andalusia. More about that later. For now, we are enjoying Japan!

—Linda Watanabe McFerrin

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  1. Look forward to these!

    • Yours is coming up, Tania!

  2. Do so wish I could have gone! And hope you will do another Japan trip. Did you find out whether Tom will read Oct. 2 at Laurel?

    • Definitely another Japan trip. Of course! It was so amazing I have to do it again. Are you on the list for the next one?

  3. I want more info on Andalucia!

    • We’ll be releasing dates this week, Rita, but we only have twelve spots and we think those will go fast!

      • Looking forward to knowing what the dates for the Andalusia trip are too!

  4. Your photos were beautiful, only to be surpassed by the pictures you paint in words.

    • Domo Arigato, Donna! More to come …

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